Be a Crew

We support your growth

Individual growth is company growth.

아이콘 이미지 10AM to 6PM, 35 hours a week,
promoting work-life balance.

아이콘 이미지 Efficiently manage work and life balance with time off and flexible working hours.

아이콘 이미지 Start the New Year with a fresh mind!
All crew members take a fresh break during the year-end and New Year.

아이콘 이미지 Communicate with skill and consideration to enjoy working together, aiming for honest and proactive feedback for mutual growth.

아이콘 이미지 When concentration is needed, we move forward together, and take sufficient rest when needed.

아이콘 이미지 A change in mindset changes our attitude towards work and life. >

아이콘 이미지 Working with you will make Circus Company more perfect.

Recruitment Process 아이콘 이미지

If you've decided to join us,
here is the process!


We warmly
welcome crew
members with

아이콘 이미지 Exploration and Skill

아이콘 이미지 Honesty and Flexibility

아이콘 이미지 Collaboration and Initiative

We are confident in our skills and experience and continually explore technology and content.

Your ideas will greatly contribute to shaping our work and culture.

Thank you in advance. 스마일 아이콘